LHP’s October Anniversaries

Join me in celebrating the following employees who have reached a MILESTONE anniversary! 1 Year Hector Perez - Indian Ridge Jerry Rainey - Hickory Forest Leret Hemphill - Stonecrest Muna Rodriguez - Corporate (Accounting) Scott Johnson - Corporate (Maintenance) Susan...

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What Are You Facing Today?

Life is wonderful, however there are times when it doesn’t seem so wonderful, especially when you are worried about a problem or situation that you are facing. Bobby McFerrin wrote the song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” It is a popular song played on the radio and other...

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Examining Your Life is Important

“When you live an unexamined life, it shows” is a popular saying in self-help circles. It implies that without checks and balances in our daily lives, a person’s physical, mental or emotional health can deteriorate. For example, if you currently live or work in an...

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What’s Up on The Scruff?

The Service Coordinator at Niagara Towers in Niagara Falls, NY worked alongside property staff and residents to gather backpacks and school supplies over the summer months of July and August. The supplies were donated to Harry F. Abate Elementary School and the...

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Our 100th Acquisition

This month we’re celebrating our 100th property acquisition! It’s an important milestone for the company and for every employee. Without your hard work and commitment, none of what we have accomplished thus far would have been possible. We are grateful for the...

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Forgiveness: The Process

Forgiving someone who you believe deeply has done you wrong is a process. It is a linear process and will not happen overnight. Not when your hurt cuts through to your soul. It is a linear process because when you forgive someone, your expression goes out to the...

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We’ve Got Exciting News

This month we will reach a significant milestone in our company's history - celebrating our 100th affordable housing preservation. With the acquisition of the 100th multifamily property, LHP developments will total more than 13,000 apartment units in 13 states valued...

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This Too Will Pass

We are experiencing a barrage of football in the midst of baseball playoffs.  Sports fans of both professions will be glued to their TVs and the news media. This too will pass and other events will get our attention. The one thing that is constant in most of our lives...

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