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The Cross Roads of Life

In life, the agonizing self-examining question that all of us are faced with from time to time is “do I or do I not!” Almost all major decisions to make a change in life must be answered with this question. We spend many hours contemplating and meditating thoughtfully...

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It Takes Preparation to Become a Winner!

This time of year is very stressful for basketball enthusiasts and rightfully so. March Madness signals the coming of the close of another basketball season. At the end of the season there are two teams crowned winners.  However, there are countless young athletes...

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Making Defining Decisions in Life

All of us have had moments when we made a defining decision in our life. A decision that required us to do one thing or another. For example, whether to attend college or not. Whether to marry or not. Whether to start a family or not. And the list of options is...

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LHP’s April Anniversaries

Join me in celebrating the following employees who have reached a MILESTONE anniversary! 1 Year Anna Garland - Lynnwood Charlotte Burgess - Beechwood Christina Green - Pinnacle Park 3 Years Janice Miller - Westview 10 Years Philip McClain - Senior Maintenance...

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The Enjoyment of Life

I can think of many reasons to enjoy life. How about you? It doesn’t matter what your age or status, life is meant to be enjoyed every moment. But not everyone gets to experience the enjoyment of life for various reasons. There are those with grumpy attitudes who...

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What’s Up on The Scruff?

Congratulations to Thomas McDermott on his promotion to vice president of asset management where he is responsible for the financial well-being of the company’s portfolio of more than 55 multi-housing properties. McDermott, who joined the company in 2015, previously...

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Patience and a Trusting Attitude

One should never give up hope waiting on the good things of life, especially unfulfilled desires such as marriage, an adventure, college, your first child or whatever is on your bucket list. Patience and a trusting attitude will help you wait for the right opportunity...

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