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There are times in life when you need to remind yourself to keep pushing onward,  especially when experiencing disappointment, hurt feelings or uncertainty. During these times, you need words of encouragement from others. That’s why it is important to  surround yourself with individuals who are your encouragers. They might be a friend or mentor or someone you rely on to give you straight and uplifting guidance.

It is also vitally important to stand by your convictions and God will honor you. The story of Eric Liddell who was a great runner illustrates this beautifully. Liddell trained for months with his heart set on winning the 100-meter race in the 1924 Olympics. Everyone, including sportswriter  and well-wishers, predicted that he would win because he was just that good.

At the games, however, Liddell learned that the 100-meter race was scheduled to be run on a Sunday. This posed a major problem for him because he did not believe he could honor God by running on the Lord’s Day. So, he bowed out of the race. The sports world was stunned, and his fans were upset with his decision. Despite the lack of support and encouragement, he kept pushing onward with his training during the Olympics. He was committed to his steadfast belief even though it cost him his loyal fan base.

Then a fellow runner dropped out of the 400-meter race, which was scheduled on a weekday, and Liddell was offered the opportunity to fill the slot. This was not really his race. The distance was four times as long as the one he had diligently trained for. Even so, he crossed the finish line as victor and set a new record of 47.6 seconds in the process. He earned an Olympic gold medal and made an uncompromising stand for his faith.  Liddell’s story was told in the Academy Award-winning movie “Chariots of Fire.”

We are often faced with choices that are contrary to our beliefs and principles. If you will push onward and seek God for help during these times, he will guide you through your “Chariots of Fire.” So, keep pushing onward and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten