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Welcome to Friday Fetch, a fun query to find out what LHP employees think about random stuff, such as favorite food, best Disney movie or most frequent lie you tell your coworkers 🙂

Friday Fetch will publish a new poll question every Friday at 8 a.m. As responses are collected, the results will tally and appear in real-time until the following Tuesday at midnight when the poll closes. On Friday, when a new question publishes, the final results of the week’s previous poll also will be shared.

What’s the purpose of Friday Fetch? To dig up a silly factoid about our team and enjoy a little playtime with The Scruff. Here is our first Friday Fetch:


This Poll is active until 17th of January 2023 11:59:00

Friday Fetch January 13

What is your favorite type of music?

The poll has expired!

Hey Hotdog

Do you have a question for the Friday Fetch?  Please submit the question and your multiple choice answers to  If your question is selected to run on Friday Fetch, you’ll earn bragging rights and a $10 gift card from Sonic!