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This week’s Pup, Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Teri Wilson, Senior Community Manager, Imperial Garden and Colony Square, who recently added another furry member to her family. Teri’s Min Pin Zelda, who was featured in our Pup, Close and Purrsonal May 11, 2021, now has a sister, Rajah, a 3-year-old Doberman Pinscher.

Teri had been searching for a Doberman rescue for two years. In August last year, she found Rajah through the Volunteer State Doberman Rescue facebook page. After an extensive screening, the pet adoption was approved. “The day I brought her home, it was an instant bond,” Teri says. “She ran right to me and didn’t look back.” Teri admits she was concerned about how Zelda and Rajah would get along but they, too, bonded quickly. “The two dogs are inseparable,” Teri says, “They are just like sisters. They will play, cuddle up together and even get a little snippy at each other sometimes.” Little Zelda rules the household and Rajah looks to her for instructions. In return, Zelda turns to Rajah to protect her if the need arises.

Rajah is also very protective of Teri and her children. In fact, when the family is home, Rajah spends most of her time going from room to room to keep an eye on everyone in the household. On adventures outdoors, rides in the cars or resting on the sofa, Rajah stays close and is rarely more than an arm’s length from her side. “I feel a sense of security with her and loyalty,” Teri explains.

Rajah has a nightly routine where she earns a sweet reward. After the family finishes the dinner, Rajah goes to her treat basket, picks up a package with her mouth and then brings it to Teri to open and give her a treat. One evening Teri didn’t get home until late and discovered that Rajah had helped herself to a treat. Only this time without Mom there to assist–and praise the smart pup–Rajah chewed through the packaging and ate the entire bag. Teri couldn’t get mad because she knew Rajah was just following a routine important to her day.

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