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I was recently made aware of a situation that was too good not to share with you here on The Scruff…

When dropping one of her sons off last school year at Cedar Bluff Developmental Preschool here in Knoxville, Lindsay Willis our VP of Human Resources, noticed that they had no playground equipment that could be used by their students. Understanding how important play and time outside are for all children, having a playground at a school designated for children with disabilities quickly become a “wish list” item for her.

She found out that the Parent Teach Association (PTA) had been raising money for the playground equipment for 3 years, but had only come up with 1/3 of the $30,000 project budget in that time.

At the time, LHP had formed a Give Back Committee and Lindsay was a part of the group. She raised the idea of donating money to assist Cedar Bluff’s playground project. The committee made the decision to give the remaining $20,000 necessary to complete the project.

Here’s the design for the playground:


Isn’t it wonderful!

I hope to make this the first part of a two-part series, as the playground has now been completed and planning is currently underway for an official unveiling to the local community. Check back for future updates!


Speaking of giving back – don’t forget about the company’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. Carmen Solomon in Tech Support, spent an afternoon last week giving back to her community with the group Get Fit Seymour, that she is involved in outside of work. The group is a non-profit, staffed entirely by volunteers, who works to improve the health and well-being of people in Seymour, TN and surrounding communities.

Each year, they sponsor a 5-9 week program to allow members to attend various exercise classes and attend nutrition class for a nominal fee. For this year’s nutrition class, the group partnered with the University of TN’s Healthy Living Kitchen and Food City to provide a grocery store tour that included explaining how to shop for healthy food.


Carmen’s group held two tours and took a total of 59 folks around Food City. Talk about a HUGE success!
FC tour group

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With gratitude & coffee,


Lindsay B