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This week’s Pup Close & Purrsonal comes to us from Brian Howard. Brian is a Senior Property Accountant at Corporate.

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Georgie is a one year old Pug, the newest addition to Brian’s crew.

Elly is their 10 year old dog, but still loves having a new baby brother to play with!

The black cat is usually called Kitten Little but one of his children officially named her Rosalina Ballerina.

The Calico cat is named Cleo and the Maine Coon cat is named Tucker.

The cats are still getting used to Georgie, but for the most part they all get along and can even be in the same room together. Brian admits he is still getting used to hearing Georgie’s snoring…all night long.

The cats are fond of using the doggy door to come and go as they please, spending a good amount of their time outdoors. The dogs prefer to stay inside, lazily lounging on the couch and playing with their toys.

Brian and his family love their pets but aren’t afraid to say that mornings can be a bit chaotic when everyone’s looking for breakfast at the same time!

With gratitude & coffee,


Lindsay B