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This segment highlights LHP employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in their work for the company.

Rebecca Sterling – Hickory Hollow Towers

A letter was recently received at our Corporate office from Jackie, the friend of a potential applicant at Hickory Hollow Towers in Antioch, TN. Click HERE to read it.

Jackie and her friend were touring area properties in hopes of finding the best low-income housing for her friend. Neither had had a very good experience at previous properties they’d visited. However, they were blown away by the wonderful customer service they received from Rebecca, the Assistant Manager.

Rebecca willingly stayed on the phone with Jackie to assist with directions to the property, and immediately put her at ease while explaining the application and waiting list processes.

Due to time constraints however, Jackie’s friend was looking for housing much sooner than Hickory Hollow’s waiting list could provide. Rebecca didn’t hesitate to call other LHP properties in the area regarding their waiting list & even provided contact information for other low-income properties that might fit Jackie’s friend’s needs.

As it turns out, Jackie’s friend did end up finding an apartment & she credits Rebecca for helping ensure she was on the right track.

Rebecca is clearly a shining example of the hard working employee that we pride ourselves on having. Great work!

We love receiving these types of letters from our applicants & residents. Don’t hesitate to send them to the Social Media team when they’re received!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B