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With the winter weather behind us, there’s a bit more spring in our step, and as more and more people receive their Covid-19 vaccine, hope is on the horizon that activities and events we enjoy in the spring and summer will resume soon. Property management staff at Clear Springs Apartments in Knoxville invited families to celebrate spring by growing their own flower garden.Residents were given flower seeds, soil growing medium, instructions and a pot to plant and grow a colorful bouquet of flowers not to mention goodwill.¬† Isn’t this a neat resident appreciation gift!

Sunny skies at Southland Square Apartments in South Knoxville March 22 brought families outdoors to enjoy the warmer temperatures and the return of spring. Two siblings raced around the playground and chased each other up the climbing wall over and over again. Their mom, watching from the side, was able to enjoy a little breather and the beautiful spring day.

Has spring sprung at your property? Please send a few photos to The Scruff