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LHP’s first Star Search Referral Campaign was a smashing hit, with 20 employees stepping up to the plate and referring 22 potential candidates. That all-star effort resulted in eight fantastic additions to the LHP team!

The employees competed for bragging rights as the top recruiter and cold hard cash, including a whopping $1,000 grand prize. Last week, HR Recruiter Mia Smith revealed the winners in a live Teams meeting that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Tony Stocker, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, emerged victorious, claiming the coveted $1,000 cash bonus and the Rising Star Recruitment Award, presented to him by Regional Property Manager Jamie Mays.

“You have made a significant impact in this region, earning the positive Resident Leadership Award and today, you are receiving LHP’s first Rising Star Recruitment award for your accomplishments,” said Jamie. “You are an incredible asset to this region and LHP, and we thank you for all that you do.”

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Six employees battled it out for second place: BrieAnna Alexander, Dylan Morales, Joe Wilson, Robert Anderson, Jay Dewalt and Jim Jackson.To break the tie, Mia pulled one name in a draw, and Joe Wilson, Maintenance Technician, was the lucky winner and received the $500 prize. Reggie Brown, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, earned third place and a $250 bonus. It is important to note that the cash prizes were in addition to the regular LHP referral bonus.

Congratulations to all the winners and a massive thank you to every employee who participated: Alesha Reed, Courtney Snyder, Demita Northern, James Reeves, Melissa Sweeney, Michelle Thornbury, Rashunda Meredith, Tamu Powell, and Tonya Johnson.

You made the Star Search Referral Campaign a stellar success! Keep your eyes peeled, because with such a fantastic outcome, a second Star Search Campaign is planned for the near future.