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Have you ever wondered about the outcome of something that you believed in deeply or something that you desperately wished would come true? Well, wonder no longer when you have faith that God is able. An example in the Bible describes two blind men who had faith that brought results and a positive outcome to their impairment. The Bible teaches us that God is uniquely, genuinely, permanently present and active in the lives of faith-believers.

So how does the Bible define faith? The definition can be found in the Book of Hebrews, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” From this definition, we can see that the main idea of faith is having a personal confidence that God is able to keep his promises.

In the story of the two blind men, the Bible says they approached the Lord seeking healing. The Lord responded by asking if they believed he could heal them. Their reply was, “Yes, we do believe that you are able to do this for us.” So, he touched their eyes and said, “according to your faith let it be done to you.” Immediately, the two blind men eyes were opened, and they could see.

We must always believe that God is able to bring about healing or whatever need we have in life and that he will affect the best outcome. The two blind men knew that God was able to heal them, but God wanted them to acknowledge that he was able to heal. Until we believe in God’s ability to meet our needs, we have no grounds on which to base our confidence and prayers.

It is vitally important that leaders of our communities and organizations have a deep belief that God will guide them in their mission and goals. It is also important for leaders to have consistent faith in their mission to bring about positive outcomes.  If they lack this faith, then the leaders will have difficulty believing in the positive results they seek.

However, when leaders move within the will of the Lord, they create the kind of servant-leaders culture that yields great outcomes, high mission satisfaction, and passionate, dedicated relationships among those within the organization, church or other group they lead.

I have discovered that when you have faith, it brings about positive outcomes. It just makes sense to adopt a faith-belief that produces a desired outcome for you and your family.  So, believe that he is able and willing to honor your prayer request. And Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Dr. Walter Ghosten