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Calling all star recruiters! Round #2 of LHP’s Star Search recruit campaign is starting soon. LHP’s Recruiter Mia Smith says that they were “blown away by the incredible talent employees brought to LHP in round #1. We are on a mission to keep the momentum going!”

The second round starts April 1 and runs through May 31. Once again, employees are being incentivized royally to refer qualified individuals for employment at LHP. Employees earn one point for qualified referrals and five points more, if their candidate is hired. Employees with the highest scores win big–$1,000! Star Search is a win-win for everyone. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Obtain your LHP referral cards from your manager.
  2. Refer exceptional candidates from your network or community to open positions at LHP and rack up points between April 1-May 31.
  3. Share information about local job fairs or recruiting resources to boost your score!

It’s that easy! Start recruiting today!