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Congratulations to Maggie McLaughlin, Community Manager, Westview Towers, who is the recipient of LHP’s Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader award. The PRE Leader award recognizes an employee for providing a phenomenal, electrifying and exceptional positive resident experience.

Maggie has a special skill set that makes her a valuable addition to the team. She’s a professional interpreter which enables her to communicate effectively with residents who are deaf or hearing impaired. For the five residents at Westview Towers who are deaf or hearing impaired, it makes a difference.

“It comes in handy a lot,” she says. “It’s really kind of special to be able to interpret for them so they can fully understand what documents they are signing and other things. It also makes them feel like they are heard a little bit.”

Since so few people know sign language, people who are deaf are used to writing and reading lots of notes to communicate. “It takes a lot longer that way,” Maggie says, explaining she is glad she can provide some relief. “I feel like they have to deal with that enough in real life.”

Maggie has been with LHP for 2 ½ years and began as the Knoxville Manager-in-Training. She was named community manager at Westview in January 2022, just in time for the rehab. Even with the rehab, Westview has continued to have large social events, such as the Thanksgiving feast or St. Patrick’s Day corned beef lunch.

“We’ve done a lot of really big events,” Maggie says. “We call them family meals and residents are encouraged to invite family members. I think they like gathering as a group and feeling united.”

Maggie credits her staff at Westview for making the events so successful. “It’s the team that comes together to make those events happen. I really appreciate them.”

Keeping everyone happy during a major renovation is no easy feat, but Maggie says the residents are doing well with the rehab. She moved one of the residents back into her renovated unit. The resident had tears in her eyes and said, “I haven’t had something this nice in a really long time. I am so grateful.” That made Maggie’s day.

Congratulations Maggie on being named a PRE Leader! You will receive a $100 gift certificate and our grateful appreciation for all that you do to create positive experiences for everyone you encounter. Thank you.


Providing a positive experience for every resident is our top priority! Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as a PRE Leader?

All employees are eligible for the PRE Leader award, and all are welcome to nominate another employee for the award. To nominate someone for the award, complete and submit the form which is located here on Paylocity.