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A resident knocked on the office door and gave me an an “air hug” (with 6 ft of distance in her own PPE) and left a thank you gift of a flower and liquid food for all we do here.
Blessed and thankful for our residents and appreciate their understanding as we continue to provide them our services during this terrible times. -Tamakieta, Southside Manor

The RSC’s LaShanda Moore and Ebony Moses at Hickory Hollow reached out to the Brad Paisley Store and Second Harvest to ensure that our residents have what they need in these times of COVID-19 Quarantine. Every Wednesday, until the end of this COVID-19 pandemic they will deliver food and essential items to the residents who signed up. We have 27 residents that have participated so far! They are provided meats, (steak, chicken, ribs, ect.), fresh vegetables, milk, bread, can goods and a number of other items to ensure that they are eating healthy.

My coworker Oliver is sleeping on the job. His sister Jillian didn’t even come in today! -Lindsay B

For those who may not know, the Mayor of Knox County was previously a pro wrestler!


In quarantine with coffee,
Lindsay B