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We made gift bags which included either coloring books, puzzle books, crayons, colored pencils, playing cards, candy, popcorn, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playdoh, nutrigrain bars, crackers, water, juice, chips. All for under $5 per bag. We also put a letter in them thanking them for working with us, giving all our contact information again, and any community or online resources that could help during this time. -Jennifer, Clear Springs

For family friendly laughs, consider following the National Cowboy Museum on Twitter. They decided to allow Tim, their head of security manage their account for the time being. He’s SO funny!

Bob Martineau had a great time delivering goodie bags to Colony Square for residents. Since there’s no March Madness on TV to keep him entertained, he found this a great replacement!

Tamakieta at Southside Manor made goodie bags for all of her residents that contained the following: 1 dove bar soap, 1 bottle hand soap, microwave popcorn, pocket napkins, 3 juice or chocolate milk packs, cheese and crackers packs, noodle packs, crayon and book packets with stickers.

Assembling the goodie bags for our residents was fun! All you need is an assembly line that moves you right along! 140 bags all sprayed and ready! -Janet, Harriman Gardens

Another lunch time project…making masks to donate! -Carmen, TechSupport

Check out “Some Good News” with actor John Krasinski!

I received the attached letter this week from one of our residents. In all this turmoil, it is wonderful to see that our efforts are welcomed and appreciated. -Janet, Harriman Gardens

-Muna, Accounting

Alison from Imperial Gardens was so excited for sunshine so she could finally get her kids outside to play!

We hope everyone is staying well and enjoying our newest feature, COVID-19 diaries. If you have anything to contribute, be sure to send it into for consideration.

In quarantine with coffee,
Lindsay B