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LHP AP Staff Tong Wang, Devon Richards, Supervisor Lisa Scarbrough and Diana Whitaker


LHP’s Accounts Payable Department does more than keep the lights on. In addition to ensuring payments are properly processed, AP manages the corporate credit card’s commercial rewards program. In 2021, that cash rebate was $72,759.51. Payments by credit card are not always accepted or the best payment method for a business. Our AP staff makes those calls for us and uses the corporate credit to pay invoices when it is to our advantage. As a bonus, the cash back rewards go to the property which earned them on a monthly basis. 

How about a round of applause for our ace Accounts Payable team!


Easter celebrations at LHP properties included potluck meals, bingo games, fellowship and fun. Enjoy an Easter parade of slides from Dandridge, Frank Callaghan, the Chippingtons and Springplace: 

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