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The employees of LHP work tirelessly to provide quality and affordable housing for individuals, families, seniors and people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide living environments our residents are happy to call home.

Often our work involves collaboration with others because no single organization can meet the diverse needs of a community where many people struggle to make ends meet. We wish we could help more and we try.  But many things remain beyond our control.

Now a group of Knoxville community leaders along with leadership from LHP Capital have joined together to start a new nonprofit to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in need of affordable housing.  Named the Legacy Housing Foundation, its mission is to provide innovative programs, life-enhancing services and strong affordable housing communities for everyone in need.

Stable, affordable housing is key to the health of every community and a growing concern across the country. The Legacy Housing Foundation will be able to raise funds to determine where the greatest needs exist in our region and help do something about them.  It will provide innovative, essential supportive services to address gaps in community resources and other unmet needs.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a quality place to call home and a community of respect, equality, support and love?  Working together with LHP and other affordable housing organizations, the Legacy Housing Foundation will create stronger and better housing communities for everyone.