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In the spring of this year, several of LHP’s employees went to the Virginia Tech Career Fair seeking a summer internship candidate to work with Tracey Stevens in our newly developing Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) program. Adam Taraschke, a rising senior, was selected out of 12 applicants to fill this role. Tracey and Adam will conduct interviews, focus groups and collect research to begin building an effective CRM program for LHP Management.

Career Fair VA Tech

From left to right: Brandon Gann, Martha Hopkins, Lindsay Willis, Mary Hart

LHP is a member of the Virginia Tech Property Management Advisory Board. Joe Engle was introduced to the board in 2015 and later that year, LHP joined. We are one of only a few affordable housing companies on the board. As part of the board, we will offer input on the program, have an opportunity to recruit students for both internships and permanent positions as well as being afforded the opportunity to guest lecture. In February, Joe was invited to guest lecture on the topic of affordable housing and LHP’s work in both the Section 8 and Low Income Housing Tax Credit programs.

We are very excited to be partnering with Virginia Tech, as they are not only one of the oldest colleges in the country, they are also one of a small number of institutions that actually offer a 4 year degree in Property Management. We look forward to hosting Adam in our summer internship program and feel this is a perfect opportunity for us. We hope this will lead to many more internship possibilities in the future, along with the chance to build relationships with rising juniors and seniors looking for potential placement in a property management, development, or asset management position within LHP.

Looking forward,


Lindsay B