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This week’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Sabra McDonald, construction accountant, who is mom to two fur babies—Zek, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd, and Josephine, a 1-year-old rescue kitty—and a daughter, Savannah, a college senior.

Zek originally belonged to Sabra’s mother. As the pup grew larger and more rambunctious, Sabra’s mother needed a break and began bringing Zek to Sabra’s home for sleepovers. One night a week turned into three nights, then five nights and then every night until Zek was officially Sabra’s. All 72 pounds of him.  When she is home, Zek never leaves her side and Sabra says, “I cannot imagine a world without him.”

The fact that Zek slobbers, sheds and speaks loudly doesn’t bother Sabra or Savannah. Zek is very loving, funny, sweet and goofy, and Sabra says he does one of the cutest, funniest things when he gets excited. He bounces like a lamb! Zek has two favorite stuffed animal cow toys that he carries everywhere he goes in the house. When Sabra comes home from work, Zek with cow in mouth waits on the bed while she changes. Then he starts jumping up and down signaling it’s time for a belly scratch and snuggle before they go outside for a walk in the woods and a swim.

When Sabra went back to work, Zek was not used to being alone and began to have seizures. To provide him some company during the day, the family adopted Josephine (Jo) from a local shelter. It worked! They became great buddies and Zek no longer has seizures. Jo loves playing with Zek and mom and daughter love watching the two play. “We love to laugh,” Sabra says, “both my fur babies bring joy and laughter to our house.”

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The Scruff reminds everyone:  please spay or neuter your pets.