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Please submit photos of your favorite healthcare workers, first responders, package delivery folks, and others that you’re grateful for during the pandemic. These can be family members, friends, or other people that have regularly been in your life since quarantine began. We’re going to put together a special tribute to them next week!

Some Good News has dropped more new episodes! Watch them here:

Those who work at Corporate will recognize the name Elijah Rachell who works in our accounting department. As a graduate of Maryville College, he was interviewed recently about how his time on the football field prepared him for life after he retired his uniform. Fun fact: Alvin Nance, CEO of Development, also played football when he attended Maryville College! Read the article here.

Penny Ledbetter sent in this poem written by one of her residents. It’s so nice to know the work we’re doing is appreciated! Keep it up!


In quarantine with coffee,
Lindsay B