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No one can afford to let life’s circumstances control their future. Incidents and events, both good and bad, will occur.  Some maybe avoided and others cannot. Stuff just happens along life’s journey and many are not in our control. The pandemic we all are experiencing has impacted each of us. We didn’t cause it and we cannot control it. However, we can follow guidelines to protect ourselves and others from being infected by the virus. Whenever you are out in public, wear a face mask.

There is a biblical story about sailors on a ship who sailed successfully powered by a gentle south wind.  Thinking they had obtained what they wanted, they sailed along the shore. However, before very long, a hurricane force wind swept down from the land above them, and the ship was caught by a terrible storm. Things may look good to you right now, yet you could be sailing straight into a storm if you don’t wear a face mask.

If you listen to God’s words in your heart and mind, you will avoid being shipwrecked in the storms of life. Oceanographers tell us that “even the worst ocean storms rarely extend more than 25 feet below the surface. Gales can rip the ocean, causing tidal waves 100 feet high, but just 25 feet below the surface the water is as calm as a pond.” The point is this, the only peace that you will ever find during the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic is through an experience with God.

Christians in Korea have a saying that emerged from the persecution they endured because of their faith. “We are just like nails. The harder you hit us, the deeper you drive us; and the deeper you drive us, the more peaceful it becomes.” Part of God’s purpose in allowing the storms of life to blow is to drive us deeper and deeper into dependence on him and deeper into a relationship with him. God takes life’s broken pieces and gives us an unbroken peace. There is no problem that he cannot solve and that includes this pandemic.

Instead of focusing on the problem that feels like a shipwreck about to happen, find peace in God. There will be a glow about you. Others will notice it and seek your advice when they, too, face trouble. You see, when you know that the God within you reigns above you, you will not succumb to what’s around you. Remember we are all in this together; so, Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten