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The June Employee Spotlight is on Moe Perry, LHP’s first graduate of the Manager-in-Training (MIT) program. She started MIT on the first day of the Covid-19 quarantine so her first months of training were limited to online classes and Zoom meetings. But that was no handicap for a dynamo like Moe. Very quickly she proved herself to be a fast learner and natural leader.

In just the fourth month of the nine-month program, LHP asked Moe if she would be willing to take on a property a little earlier. “Absolutely, I’m up for the challenge,” Moe recalls. She accepted the position as Community Manager at Ramblewood. In almost less than a year, she became Senior Community Manager at Chippington I and II.

Her career is not the only aspect of her life moving on a fast track. Moe accomplishes more in a month than most people do in a year or more! Every morning she is up way before the sun heading to the gym for an intense 1½ hour workout. Moe, who played a variety of sports in high school and college, is a serious bodybuilder. While relatively new to the sport, she’s competed in two events and placed first in both.

During the quarantine when activities were limited, Moe decided she needed to take on a new goal. While not an artsy, crafty person by nature, Moe says, she decided to start an online t-shirt business. She did some initial designs and posted her “practice” t-shirts. Seven days later she had orders for 48 t-shirts.

“That’s when it got real,” she laughs, adding she had to quickly learn everything a person needs to know about operating their own small business as well as obtain all necessary licensures. She added mugs and coffee cups to her line of products and then, because she personally loves candles, decided to focus solely on making candles with natural, non-toxic materials. Moe manages her business,, with great efficiency, creating one batch for one mail drop once a month. Her candles sell out usually in about 48 hours. Customers must wait until the next month to place an order.

There’s no stress that way, she explains, and she has time for the many other activities she enjoys, including volunteer work with several nonprofits and tackling a new goal whenever it suits her.

“I love challenges,” Moe says. “Whatever it is, I’m up for it. I love proving myself.”

LHP is pleased to shine the spotlight on Moe Perry. We appreciate all that you do each day to make our communities healthier and happier places to live.


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