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The dog days of summer are fast approaching, a time when the days grow long and temperatures soar. To help you beat the heat, The Scruff is offering a cool photo contest.

If it hasn’t gotten there already, you will soon be receiving your own personal LHP-branded hand fan. Use the fan to stir up a cooling breeze, of course.

But The Scruff also invites you to use it in a photo to show just how cool a fan of LHP you are! Pose with your family or friends or take a selfie. The only requirement is that you include the fan in the photo.

Dog Days Promo LindsayB 061116

I’m a fan of LHP while enjoying a sweet treat at the Farmers Market.

Photos for the contest can be submitted via email or Dropbox, beginning July 1 and will be accepted through Sept. 5. Photos submitted will be randomly selected and posted on The Scruff and featured in blog posts.

After Labor Day one winning photo will be selected “Best of Show” and the winner will receive a $100 gift card.

Looking forward,


Lindsay B