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This Pup, Close and Purrsonal is from Deborah Knezevich, Leasing Agent, North Cleveland Towers and Lee Manor, who has an adorable German Shepherd/Dachshund mix named Babs. Deb named the pup after her mother who passed away a month before the family took Babs in about 2 ½ years ago.

At that time, Deb was working as a property manager in Camden, SC. A tenant couldn’t find a home for a puppy that had been acquired in violation of the lease agreement. Deb agreed to take in the 4-month-old puppy and take her in, she did, straight into the heart. “She is the world to me,” Deb says. “She makes me happy on days I am sad.”

Babs gives the best hugs, too, says Deb. “She will climb up in your lap and wrap her head around your neck or lay it on your heart.”  Those warm hugs are especially comforting after a long day and one of the most rewarding aspects of having a family pet. Another is that they make you laugh.

Babs is mildly obsessed with her tennis ball and would play fetch all day long if you let her. When she’s playing and needs a potty break, Babs takes the ball with her so that she knows exactly where it is always. When she is thirsty, she drops the tennis ball in the water bowl, takes a drink and then brings it back to you soaking wet.

And when it is time for bed, Babs takes her place alongside mom in the king size bed and gets ready to be tucked in—with the tennis ball.


Babs, a German Shephard/Dachshund mix

Ready to be tucked in with her tennis ball

Let’s play fetch


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