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In times of grief, people need to know that there is something they can rely on to help them through their crisis. I have discovered what works for me is the power of prayer. The great evangelist Billy Graham said, “If you are facing a loss or walking through a time of grief, you know the very real anguish of a broken heart or a crushed spirit.”

You may be grieving over a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, a chronic illness or other serious issue.  If you are, I hope you will take comfort in knowing that the Lord is close to you. Grief is a journey that each person passes through individually, but God promises to walk with you one step at a time.

Prayer is one agent that can help you with an intense emotional suffering caused by significant personal tribulation.  What qualifies as a significant tribulation can vary from person to person.  It involves deep sadness, emotional suffering, and perhaps an anguish that reaches deep into our heart and soul.

When we are experiencing a crushing event in our life, we need to know that God can help us through the grieving process. Grief develops differently for everyone, so there is no one correct or proper way to grieve. There is also no specific timeline for grieving, and some people experience grief in waves that swell up and down instead of as a straightforward process that moves smoothly from one phase to the next.

Psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed a theory of grieving in the late 1960 that describes many of the phases and steps that typically occur during grief but not necessary in the following order:

  • Denial—The grieving person might try to ignore the loss or suffering.
  • Anger—Might be directed at others due to a loss. It is recommended that a spiritual counselor, priest or chaplain help you work through the anger.
  • Depression—Is always a major concern of a person who is going through the process of grief from suffering. Praying is a great comforting agent that can assist with coping in the stages of depression.
  • Acceptance—Finally, accepting that the painful and heartbroken event has occurred, the healing process begins.

Recognizing these stages of grief are important to endure and even grow richer through this universal experience of grieving. So, use prayer as your change agent and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten