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In May and June your Software Support Team decided to take a different path with our monthly Y.E.T.I. In May we did a full video production on the Life and Times of a UA payment. In June we extended out to the Maintenance employees as well as the office staff. When processing a Work Order, we wanted one side to see what the other sees and vice versa.

We want to keep the variety going. As always, your SS team would like to hear from you. We invite you to help us with suggestions for the Monthly course topics. Let us know where in Yardi you feel more training is needed or where you want more information. Topics selected will be presented on upcoming Y.E.T.I.’s. This is an open invitation to all Yardi users.

Did you ever wonder:

How a Move In 50059 ends up in TRACS?

How does an invoice sent to Accounts Payable result in your grass getting cut?

How does a Purchase Order become a new Refrigerator in Unit 12?

This is your chance to ask and your SS team will try to provide you with answers.

Emails with topic ideas can be sent to Software Support via email at We look forward to your submissions!

With gratitude & coffee,

Lindsay B