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Storms come and go. Big storms like hurricanes may leave behind death and destruction.  Individuals who live in areas affected by a hurricane’s devastation, such as New Orleans, Texas, the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands as well as other places across the globe, may have their lives tragically turned upside down.

All of us have seen heart-wrenching scenes of nature’s devastation and they are hard to forget. The images of the storm’s devastation and the loss of life and property are etched in our memory. Victims who are caught in the path of hurricanes, floods and earthquakes are tossed around like matchsticks. Those who prepared in advance may escape its destructive power. People who live in areas where hurricanes frequently occur should stay on alert and be prepared to take shelter at all times.

And it seems as though too often victims of hurricanes and other catastrophic events are about to put their lives back together again when yet another storm is predicted. From a biblical prospective, there is no such thing as a storm-free life! The old saying that “in every life some rain must come” is true but also there will be some sunshine.

Natural weather events that wreck lives and property teach us that all of us go through times of heartache and trouble. We wake up to a new day and everything seems to be going well until we are struck with the news of a terrible unexpected event. When bad news comes, the question to ask is, “Are we as prepared as we can be to handle it?” The truth is no one can prepare themselves mentally for tragedy.

However, there is hope because the only one who is able to protect us in the storms of life is God. He can protect us in times of loss, in times of sickness, when you are going through a divorce, or experiencing joblessness, loneliness or depression. You may not be able to predict life’s storms or prevent them, but you can prepare for them and protect yourself by knowing where your protection lies.

The Bible says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run into it and is safe.” God’s name speaks of His character, His reliability and His faithfulness in times of life storms. In other words, you can be assured that He will provide refuge when you need it the most.

A man or woman without God is forced to be their own god. But those who love God can say, “He is a safe place for protection when storms arise and He is ready to help in times of trouble.” Therefore, we can stand fearless through life storms knowing that we have a protector and helper. He’s the only storm shelter you will ever need. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten