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The beloved University of Tennessee women’s head basketball coach, Pat Head Summitt, recently passed away. She was by far one of the greatest college basketball coaches in modern times. She left her legacy in the memories of all players that she ever coached as well as all who watched her intense style of coaching. She demanded perfection from her players and demanded it with love, compassion, and authority. Many of her players were grateful for discipline that she demanded in their lives, both on and off the basketball court.  A great contribution to her demanding authority was a 100% player graduation rate.

  • How many individual’s lives are in utter chaos because there is no recognition and no willingness to accept authority?
  • How many businesses are in disarray because there is a lack of respect for authority?
  • How many families are in utter chaos because there is no order and recognition of authority in the home?

Without love, authority, and compassion, chaos is the inevitable result.

In a home environment as well as the workplace, it is paramount that a person should use common sense while they are performing a task. Generally, a person can look at a situation and determine the right thing to do which requires critical thinking and honesty. The greatest tragedy is that not everyone thinks through the issues at hand and even fewer are honest, when analyzing a situation.

As humans, we were not put on earth to argue and fight over trivial matters, but rather we were put here to care for each other. There are too many desperate people in the world who are dying, from hunger, poverty, or disease. Speaking about Pat Head Summitt, a newspaper article that I read said “Pat got her ‘shirt-off-her’ back generosity, which was really her main quality, far more pronounced than her ambition or fierceness. She’d do anything, for anybody. Pull over to help someone change a tire, not embarrassed to dirty her farm-girl hands with a wrench.” So the next time that you witness someone who needs a helping hand ask yourself what would Pat Head Summitt do?

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten