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In life there are circumstances that impede our progress. We feel as though we are being hampered from moving forward. Goals that we wish to obtain can be blocked by a myriad of circumstances. Achieving these goals can seem impossible. This can create a lack of willingness and determination to overcome challenges and succeed.

Often, individuals facing life blockades can break through by simply refusing to give up and discovering alternative ways to achieve their goals. Remember there can be multiple paths to overcome obstacles blocking your progress.

There is an amazing story in the Bible about four men who were carrying a paralytic man on a stretcher. They were friends and they wanted the man who was paralyzed to meet the Lord, who was speaking in a nearby house. They tried to enter through the front door but there was no room because of the crowd of people gathered inside.

When they could not find a way inside because of the crowd, they hoisted the man upon the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the room. We see the remarkable willpower of the men and the love they had for their friend. They did not let the crowd or other obstacle stand in their way. They were determined to get their friend before the Lord.

Determination is a character trait that we must possess when our progress towards achieving our goal is blocked. For example, if one road is closed to your destination then try another road. If that one is closed then try another. Keep trying until you find an open road. Your outcome will depend greatly on your determination.

The story of the paralytic man is a powerful reminder that we should never let anything block our progress. With determination and willpower, we can achieve our goals. Here is the rest of the story about the man who was paralyzed. He was carried to the Lord on a stretcher and the Lord said, “Pick up your bed, and go home.” The man rose and walked out of the house in front of everyone. They were all amazed and they glorified God. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Dr. Walter Ghosten