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Westview Tower has talent in the house! Custodian David Hagman plays the guitar and sings with a band called “We 3.” The band recently entertained residents with a night of music and song. Staff served complimentary pizza to accompany the performance for a Saturday night double-win!

David (at right) performs with band


Imperial Garden started off July with chocolate treats for residents, and last week had close to 50 residents participate in adult bingo as well as an hour dedicated for children’s bingo. With refreshments such as fresh strawberries, fruit dip, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, punch and snow cones for the kids, everyone was a winner. Asst. Manager Jackie Evans  is now planning a back to school luau around the pool for this Friday! Be sure to send photos to The Scruff.

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A dice game at Frank Callaghan in Oak Ridge was a huge hit for residents and family members of all ages. After all, rolling dice is fun at any age!


The dog days of summer are approaching which can mean only one thing: our crepe myrtles are in full bloom! Sometimes referred to as “lilacs of the South,” crepe (also spelled crape) myrtles have large colorful blooms in a range of purples, pinks, whites and red. The flowering trees and shrubs grace the grounds at many of LHP’s properties, including Pinnacle Park in Knoxville, where a bright pink crepe myrtle perfectly frames the entrance sign. What’s blooming at your property? The Scruff would love to see your community in full bloom. Send photos to The Scruff.

Pinnacle Park