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“Attitudes are contagious”, Bob Mouawad said. That may explain why everyone around Denita McVicar’s desk is perpetually infused with dedication and enthusiasm. Thank you for being you! Thanks for bringing the energy to the office and having an awesome team. Your hard work is appreciated by many, thanks for being an awesome BOSS. – Christina, Pinnacle Park

I want to thank Reggie Brown at Hickory Hollow for the great work that he does. There are many days that he is left alone to handle the everyday workflow as well as any emergency that may arrive. He is everything LHP stands for, he is confident, collaborative, courageous and committed. Reggie, you exemplify the meaning of greatness! Thank you for all you do! – Penny, Hickory Hollow

Jessica Phillips is always willing to help and happy to do so! – Carmen, Corporate

Employees like Cecilia Whittington are the epitome of professionalism. Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day. – Christina, Pinnacle ParkPeople make the difference. And one of those groups of people are the team at Pinnacle Park. Thank you for making a difference. – Christina, Pinnacle Park

Lindsay Willis, Brandon Gann, Debbie Gray, and Tracy Young are a great group of individuals to work with. They make coming to work each day enjoyable and fun! – Laura, Corporate

To the team at Woodbend: thank you for all of your hard work! -Rosalyn, Woodbend

Towanda Matthews: I just want to say THANKS for all you do and glad to be on your team!!!! – Kendra, Asbury Park

To Annie McDougal: Thank you so much for all your help training me. You are such a sweet person and have been so helpful. – Meghan, Beersheba

Just wanted to say that Brandy Ford is AMAZING! she is so helpful and never hesitates to offer her help and share her knowledge. Without her this past year I’m not sure that I would know all that I do as fast as I have had to. Just want to thank her for all her hard work and all that she does not only for us her at 1100, but for everyone that reaches out to her. – Amanda, The 1100 Studio Apartments

Brenda Hensley is an awesome team leader and encourager! – Susan Charlton, Mountain View

Thanks for being an awesome boss, Carolyn Gilbert! – Accounting Staff, Corporate

Brandy Ford is awesome and has been such a big help to us at the 1100 Studios! I’ve learned a ton while she has helped us out. Thanks, Brandy! – Farrah, The 1100 Studio Apartments

I just want to say how much I appreciate having Shanice Gilbert around! You have helped me so much and I learn new things from you all the time! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! – Robert L. Anderson, Ridgebrook

To our Accounting Team: Major shout-out to our entire accounting team! You all work quietly but tirelessly in catering to needs of so many. Thank you for always being flexible and willing to bend in order to help others, even if it means adding to your workload sometimes. I appreciate everything you all do so very much! – Avaline, Corporate

Reggie Brown can always be found with a smile on his face and willingness to help others. I truly could not ask for a better maintenance man. It makes me proud to say he is a part of our team here at Hickory Hollow Towers. – Rebecca, Hickory Hollow

I would like to send a shout out to my fellow LHP family at Pinnacle Park.  I spend more time with you than I do with my actual family. Without you all making my day what it is, I wouldn’t be as content as I am. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and applaud your individual talent and strengths. Thank You. – Rick, Pinnacle Park

Jamie Mays, thank you for all that you do! You rock! – Kendra, Asbury

Jody Martin is always on top of the systems and willing to learn more so that he can pro-actively prevent any issues possible. He works great with our team learning about networking and provides those “eyes” to assess issue as we work together for a resolution. Thanks Jody!!! – Tech Support Team, Corporate