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After being cleared by my doctor to work from home, I thought, “What should my first Scruff post relay to LHP employees about my experience that might help someone.  Searching deep within my spiritual self, the notion came to me to write about what it was that helped me to get through a serious life-threating illness.

The doctors, the nurses and my family immediately all contributed greatly. However, after much prayer, God revealed to me that my wellbeing and recovery had a lot to do with the LHP employees and their get-well cards of love, the phone calls that expressed compassion, the emails and texts, many prayers, visitors, and flowers I received. All these gestures helped me to get through many painful days and nights. And so, I am indebted to each of you because of your many acts of kindness.

Many individuals have had similar frightening medical emergencies that cause them to seek refuge through prayer. While hospitalized, one compelling story came to mind about the faithful prayer of two believers. Paul and Silas were biblical characters who believed in the power of prayer. However, they were imprisoned because of their belief and so, the only thing they could do was to sing and pray to a supreme power about their situation. At midnight an earthquake occurred that caused the jail doors to open and the two men were freed.

Life has so many twists and turns that can cause pain both physical and mental and many times our only recourse for relief is the power of prayer.  Often times, during the day I prayed to the same supreme power that Paul and Silas prayed to. The prayer was always the same: “please heal my body.” I knew that if I faithfully prayed to God that the pain would subside. I wanted so badly to return home and to do the work I love so much. Each time I prayed there was a peace that filled my room and a sweet aroma to let me know that everything would be OK.

The songwriter of the wonderful Gospel song “Standin’ in the Need of Prayer” acknowledges that he needed prayer. “Not my brother, not my sister, but it’s me, O Lord, Standin’ in the need of prayer.” The songwriter echoes the words again and again as though pleading with the Lord for help with his problem. The truth of the matter is that all of us from time to time need prayers from one another.

The song expresses the message well.  All of us need to have a prayer life. Faithful prayers promise peace. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten