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Congratulations to Antonio “Tony” Stocker, Regional Maintenance Supervisor, who has been named an LHP Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader in recognition of his commitment to providing excellent customer service. No matter the circumstances, Tony displays a positive attitude toward everyone he encounters, says Jamie Mays, Regional Property Manager and Tony’s supervisor.

“He remains optimistic and ready to do what it takes to correct any problem that arises,” Jamie says, adding that Tony is “a great leader, dependable, diligent and reliable.”

Providing excellent service has always been a priority for Tony, who has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and property maintenance. He follows the rule that the customer is always right but adds the customer is also talking and that listening to what they have to say is the foundation of great customer service.

“Let them share and vent, if that is what they need to do,” he says. Once you understand the issue, respond with a solution that meets their needs.

Tony supervises maintenance staff at 11 properties with 955 units.  With so many residents, you might think talking to those with issues would be the toughest part of his job. But it’s not. Tony says being able to communicate with our residents to make sure they have a positive living experience in our communities is the best part of his job. With good communication, Tony says tough problems can be fixed, leaving everyone feeling clear, calm and resolved.


Providing a positive experience for every resident is our top priority! PRE Leaders receive a $100 gift card and our thanks for being stewards of our company’s excellent customer service.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as a PRE Leader? All employees are eligible for the PRE Leader award, and all are welcome to nominate another employee for the award. To nominate someone for the award, complete and submit the form which is located here on Paylocity.