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Derricka Gunter, Resident Service Coordinator, Beersheba Heights Tower, cares about the health and safety of her residents, many of whom have medical conditions that are essential for emergency responders to know about in case of an emergency. She worked with the local McMinnville Police Department to bring an important program to the residents.

She provided opportunities for residents to enroll in the Tenn Department of Transportation’s Yellow Dot program, which provides First Responders with the fast information they need. Participants in the program receive a packet to complete and then store in the glove compartment of their cars, and a Yellow Dot decal which is placed on the car’s window. In an emergency, the Yellow Dot tells EMS that there’s important health information, including emergency contacts, in the glove compartment.  For non-driving residents, the decal is placed on the apartment door.

The local newspaper covered the program and ran a photograph of Derricka helping a resident complete the Yellow Dot packet.


Frederica at a recent health fair

Frederica Williams, Service Coordinator, Tivoli Place, puts her heart and soul into her job providing residents with access to important social services, such as a recent health fair for the community. And the residents sing her praises.

“There is no one better,” says Ms. Levy, a Tivoli Place resident. Due to mobility constraints, leaving the property for activities, education and socialization provides too much of a challenge for some residents. Ms.Levy says that she and others greatly benefit from the programming Frederica facilitates which has resulted in an increased quality of life for the residents at Tivoli Place.