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A writer once pinned this statement “When you live an unexamined life it shows.” People who do not take time to reflect on their life miss out on chances for growth. This was my life. I was always on the go and never took the time to reflect. I felt being busy and rushing around because I couldn’t say no to whatever was asked of me, was just the way you live to get ahead. Reflection was not something that I had time to do nor did I want to do it because it would require me to assess (1) What was I doing right. (2) What could I do without that kept me from moving forward? (3) And most important – What was I doing with my life. At a young age my parents would say “make the best out of life because life is short.” I have discovered the truth in this statement. Life is short; however, we need to take time to reflect.

Not taking the time to look deeply inside yourself is a recipe for a failed life. I never did the kind of reflection that leads to growth, and I was paying the price – committing the same old mistakes over and over, living with the same heavy load of guilt.

So, I made a difficult decision, I decided that each day I would try to honestly assess my life’s condition. Isn’t it interesting that when you look inward at yourself, you discover that there is plenty room for improvement? Improvement in the sense that you are burdened with things that make your life miserable. I decided that I would look inside myself and write down what I saw. Feeling awkward and embarrassed, I started to pray.

God, here are some areas of failure in my life. They aren’t going away, so you might as well look at them. Or, here is a relationship or habit I am concerned about. It’s not good and I don’t know how to improve it.  Others might write down their reflections in a diary. There are benefits to keeping a spiritual diary of your life.

  • It forces you to slow down and examine the effectiveness of what you’re doing.
  • It frees you to ask yourself, why am I doing this and how do I really feel about it?
  • By writing in your diary each day, in one year you will have a record of lessons learned!

Free your mind by reflecting on your life, “That’s what I am thinking right now!” Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten