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Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Jennifer Brown, Senior Floating Manager for Brandy Ford’s team, who has a Siamese cat she named Dean after the character Dean Winchester in the TV series Supernatural.  Jennifer’s fiancée gave her the cat as a Christmas present last year when Dean was just a kitten.

Now a teenager, Dean is a gorgeous furball of energy and mischief. One of Dean’s cute quirks is his foot fetish. He loves a good sneak attack on unsuspecting toes and feet.  The youngest of Jennifer’s four cats, Dean enjoys playing with the other cats whether they want to or not. When they do accept his offer to play fight, their rumble-tumbles and amazing gymnastic feats are great fun to watch. Nimble and quick, Dean’s been seen jumping three feet straight up when startled by another cat.

At night Dean sleeps on the bed at their feet. Jennifer says the rewards of having cats are that on a hard day, they are a calming presence. The rest of the time, they make you laugh.