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This Pup, Close and Purrsonal is from Stewart Hale, Community Manager, Beersheba Tower, who has three large breed dogs:  Millie, 2, is a Labrador Retriever, Yogi, 4, is a Great Pyrenees, and Cooper, 3, is a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Millie, a rescue who belongs to their son but lives with Stewart and his wife Faith, is the lightweight of the pack at 60 pounds. Yogi and Cooper each weigh 120 pounds. That’s a whole lotta puppy love to feed.

“We work to provide a better standard of life for our pack,” jokes Stewart, adding the dogs love hikes and car rides so the family recently purchased a Suburban “just to haul them around.”

The unconditional love the dogs give is immense, and Stewart says “I could go on forever with how much they mean to us.”

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