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Every team scored a home run in the LHP employee Random Act of Kindness (RAK) contest. Last week we announced the contest winner. Today we’re starting a new weekly post to tell you about each entry and all the ways LHP employees helped make our world a gentler, kinder place.  Each week we’ll feature the RAK activities of three or four teams until all have been reported.  First up…

The 1100 Studio Apartments. Team members: Merle Tinker, John Beal, Andrea Finley, James Flanigan, Farrrah Linkous, Jim McGuire, David Mitchell and Larry Wilson.

They also recruited UT football player—and friend—Jakob Johnson to help them boost the health and spirits of Kane, a young man being treated at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Kane was due to start his first year of high school and play football this fall but was sidelined due to an illness.

The team consulted with hospital staff to come up with a basket of gifts Kane would appreciate. These included gift cards his mother could use to bring Kane meals and treats since he was not a fan of hospital food and also football magazines.

As fate would have it, the day members of the team and Jakob visited turned out to be Kane’s birthday.

Kane was surprised and happy to have so many visitors on his birthday and especially enjoyed talking to Jakob about UT’s upcoming football season.  Kane’s mom was teary eyed. She had hoped to celebrate Kane’s birthday at home but a fever kept him in the hospital. Kane was a man of few words but many, many smiles.

Beechwood Villas. Team members: Carinia Watson, Ben White, Savannah Ritchie and Karen Alford. This team’s unexpected act of kindness made a resident’s day! They decided to give resident Marvin Roberts a $75 gift card, candy, balloons and a card to show their appreciation. Marvin has been a resident at Beechwood Villas since 2007.


He is a retired veteran who has served our country and the type of person who always asks how he can help others.

Marvin was so surprised and honored by the show of kindness, he started tearing up.

He said he was thankful to have a good place to live and enjoys being a resident.






Beersheba Heights Tower. Team members: Debra Lockridge, Chris Driver, Liz Boyle and David Judkins. McMinnville’s Families in Crisis Domestic Violence Program was the beneficiary of needed supplies thanks to this team’s good work. The team provided the shelter with cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, washing powder, dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper and other items on its wish list.


Cloverdale Plaza Apartments. Team members:  Gladys Walters, Shauntoire Brock, Arther Green and Ronald Jordan. This team’s Random Act of Kindness was a bright spot for everyone living or working at Cloverdale.  One morning staff arrived to find that spring had sprung a second time.  Tired container gardens had been replaced with new pots and cheerful flowers. Team members credit Ronald Jordan for the act of kindness and his giving spirit.