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A question that often arises is when is it the right time to confront a situation or to engage in an activity or relationship. Keep in mind that the timing of any situation you are considering to act upon can be drastically important. Perhaps you reasoned to yourself that there is never a good time to express your feelings, make a change, start a new chapter in your life or inquire about spiritual guidance. However, let me assure you that timing is everything. I believe that the older we get, the less foggy our thinking becomes and we make better decisions.

Making life changing decisions can be similar to standing at a crossroad with no clear direction to choose.  Bear in mind this saying when making a decision “everything comes to you at the right time, so be patient.” If it is success you are seeking, your thought could be that of Goethe who said “anytime that you take the first step toward trying to achieve something in life, all manner of good things will mysteriously fall into your path to help speed you along your way.” And let me add that you must be in your lane to receive what is intended for you.

I have a few professional suggestions for you to consider whenever you are faced with the question of when is the right time?

  • Consider the desired outcome that you wish to occur before making a decision. Can you live with the result? How will the outcome effect you? All of us have made one or two decisions at the wrong time and the results were not in our favor. We thought only if I could start all over my decision would be different.
  • The timing of your decision can be unwise whenever there are conflicting things happening in your life. Carefully measure your actions before implementing a plan.
  • If possible, never make a decision out of anger. Calm down then consider your options. Most decisions you make come with several different options. My father used this term whenever I asked to do something that required some thought. He would say, “let me sleep on it.” So perhaps you need to take a day or several to think about the decision. Look at it from all angles.
  • The idea is to give your unconscious mind some time to do its work. The decision you make afterward is more likely to be the right or at least a perfectly acceptable one.
  • Consider these four things before making a decision. Am I being swayed by fear, intuition, fantasizing, or a gut instinct? If so, you might want to evaluate your motives.

In conclusion, I believe that we cannot always make the right decision, but we can make every decision right. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten