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This Pup, Close and Purrsonal is from Mia Smith, Human Resources Recruiter, who works from LHP’s corporate office. Mia, her husband and two sons have an adorable 7-month-old Exotic Bully, a new type of dog breed that has exaggerated features of the American Bully and other Bull breeds.

The pup, who was a surprise birthday present for Mia, was just six weeks old when they got her. Mia asked her sons to help name the puppy. Her eldest wanted to name her Snow Crab and her youngest wanted to stay true to his love for all things Christmas. So, they met in the middle and named her Snow.

Playing with a plastic water bottle is a crunchy good time for Snow, and like many young dogs, she loves to chew. And, also like many young dogs, Snow thinks every toy belongs to her. One of the naughtiest things she’s done was to eat a Build-A-Bear Santa Bear the very night the family returned home from making the toy bear! But the family was able to forgive and forget.

“She’s a ball of fire… but super sweet and loveable,” says Mia, adding that one of the greatest rewards of being a pet parent is watching the interaction between Snow and her boys. “They absolutely adore each other!”


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