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One gentleman was quite surprised to learn that a large company, such as LHP Capital, was hosting a Random Act of Kindness contest and providing each team $100 to spend on the activity. He was even more surprised when he learned that his was going to be the recipient of an act of kindness. That story and others follow in this week’s summary of RAK entries.

The Pines. Team members: Brandy Ford, Kim Smith, Gary Jarnagin and Mike Amsden. 

Many elderly residents of a local nursing home and assisted living facility received a sweet surprise when staff from The Pines showed up to treat them to a smorgasbord of desserts – ice cream, cake, cookies, popsicles, applesauce and more!

The act of kindness was even sweeter when team members learned that many of the residents didn’t have family members or regular visitors. The facility coordinator explained that they depend heavily on donations to provide the extra special treats, like the dessert party. She was so touched by the donation that she was moved to tears and she thanked the team and LHP for choosing them.

Pinnacle Park. Team members: Kevin Marshall, Amber Walker, David McAfee, Angela Rorex, David Underwood, John Howell and Rick Yost. 

With this RAK story, it’s difficult to know which part of the activity made the biggest impact. Was it the $100 gift card to Walmart or the opportunity for a young man with cancer to forget about his illness while he told the team all about his favorite wrestling heroes.

Team members visited Branden, 18, while he was at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Branden was quick to let them know that he is a huge professional wrestling fan and his favorites are Cain and The Undertaker. The team learned that Cain, who Branden likes the most, is running for mayor of the city of Knoxville. Despite Branden’s enthusiasm, the illness made him tired and after about 15 minutes, team members knew it was time to leave. They presented the family with the gift card knowing it will be very helpful. Branden’s family is having money problems.

As they left, Branden rallied for one more important observation about his heroes and yelled, “Don’t let Cain get a hold of you!” Everyone had a big laugh. Branden seems to be keeping a sense of humor no mater what, a team member noted, and this RAK lifted him up.

Radnor Towers. Team members: Brittany Schutt, Christian Nerland, Brian Smith and Desiree Leach.

This RAK would’ve been nice to capture on candid camera.  Team leader Brittany Schutt decided to surprise someone in the grocery line by offering to pay for their goods. Just as the man reached for his wallet, Brittany explained that she was participating in her company’s RAK contest and that she had $100 to pay for his groceries. The man was shocked and extremely surprised that LHP was allowing its employees to do such good deeds with company money.

The man was shy and didn’t want his photo taken but he was extremely thankful. He spends the same amount on groceries every month. But with the help from this RAK, he planned to spend the extra money on his grandchildren.

Ramblewood. Team members: Patsy Egner, Rhonda Beal and John Billings.

The Ramblewood team turned a random act of kindness into a fun random drawing for $20 food gift cards. With school starting, the team knew that the extra money for food would help pay for after school snacks and other items. Five families each received a gift card and were very pleased.