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 Not many people have the chance to see a replica of a historic tall ship, let alone board one. But employees in the East Tennessee area now have this unusual educational opportunity.

The Pinta, a replica of the tall ship used by Columbus, is in Knoxville and open as a “floating museum” for dockside tours. The Pinta was the first ship to sight land on the famous voyage of discovery on Oct. 12, 1492.

Today visitors are invited to tour the ship, learn about her construction and navigation, and view educational exhibits that tell the story of Columbus’s voyages and the impact they had on the world. The Pinta is docked at Calhoun’s on the River in downtown Knoxville until Oct. 30 when she will depart for the next tour in Chattanooga Nov. 3-19. Admission prices are $6 to $8 and tickets are purchased at the ship. For operating hours and additional information, go to Visit Knoxville.