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Officers from Nashville’s Midtown Hills Precinct Police Department shared safety tips for residents at Dandridge Tower, and the program was a hit. A good crowd of interested and appreciative seniors gathered to learn how to stay safe in their homes and community. At the end of the program, the seniors held up cards that spelled “THANK YOU” to show their appreciation for the officers’ time and expertise. The partnership between the police department and Dandridge Tower is a good example of how communities can work together to make everyone safer.

Nashville’s finest were also on hand to help out with a prize wheel during a health fair at Dandridge. The residents had access to certain health screenings and scores of health information from a variety of health providers, including a local physician, rehabilitation center, Walmart pharmacy and vision center and Nashville’s We Go Transit service.

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Here’s an interesting activity to brighten anyone’s day.

Frank Callaghan Property Manager Karla Baumgartner brought in art supplies and invited residents to paint these beautiful birdhouses in a variety of bright colors and styles.

It is fun to imagine the feathered friends who would choose to make their homes here!


The food truck, Flippin Burgers, visited Springplace Apartments recently to treat residents to a Friday lunch that looks like a bunch of good eats!