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Have you ever heard someone say they needed to finish a project they started? All of us have at one time or another started a project that we did not finish as planned. Something distracted our attention from what we were doing, and we focused on another project or task. Life poses this problem for all of us, more often than we care to admit.

If you were to look back, how many tasks would you find incomplete because the urgency of some new task called you away before the first one was finished? Despite this, there is good news, if you’ve done your best, a higher power than you will do the rest. When I pastored at First Baptist Roseberry City, I spoke with parents about their young teenagers. They said, “if only we had done this or that.” Gently, I reminded them that they did their best and now they must trust the action of a supreme power to finish the job, pick up the broken pieces, and mend them into something wonderful.

In times of war, each battalion has what is called a “point person.” The point person walks ahead of the group to explore and suggest a plan for moving forward. The person at the end of the group is referred to as a “rear guard.” It is this person’s task to watch the rear and insure that the enemy doesn’t surprise attack. In life, aside from war, we have a rear guard that finishes what we have left behind. Moving along in life we sometimes become distracted, living at too fast paced, or doing things incompletely. Our rear guard follows up and always finishes what we have left undone.

My point is this…keep your eyes on what lies before you right now, not six or twelve months later. Don’t get sidetracked. This is particularly challenging in an age of so many distractions. Remember, the strength of the one who ultimately “has got your back.”

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten