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On November 5th, our society was shocked to see another scene of horrifying carnage from a mass shooting that will remain enduringly etched on the memory of humanity for many years to come. The shock waves of the horrific massacre by a mentally deranged psychopath told the world that things would never be the same again in this small-town community.  The question is “how can the people of this community find peace in the wake of the massacre?”

Every time we hear about another mass shooting in America, it weakens our faith and hope that someday as we live in this world that peace will replace violence. The safety of every community should be looked upon as paradise or as some might say “heaven on earth.” Until this moment in time comes, we must find peace in our beliefs.

What is shocking about this mass shooting was that it occurred on a Sunday morning during a church worship service. In Sutherland Springs, Taxes a town where everyone knows everyone, this massacre was the least thing on their mind. What should not be shocking is that it was caused by an individual who had received a dishonorable discharge from the military who had previously assaulted his wife and physically harmed his stepchild.

It has always been my belief and opinion that one of the safest places to be was the “House of the Lord” especially on Sunday. It was not so on November 5th, in Texas. On this day, First Baptist Sutherland Springs children were not safe from the vengeful attack of a mad man who killed and wounded over 47 individuals. Among those killed were a 17-month-old child.

As we face the threat of more mass shootings and slaughter, we should continue enjoying life to the fullest. So, how do we find peace in times of terror knowing that there could be more terror where we choose to venture?

  • Whenever terror comes you can feel abandoned, alone and vulnerable, but know that you can always seek refuge in the Divine Protector.
  • There have been many times in my adult life when I was faced with terror in every direction. So, I cried out for calmness in my spirit and my cry was heard.
  • There comes a time when all of us are faced with unexpected tragedy and you will need to focus your thoughts and heart on the source of real protection.
  • Praying is our form of communication and it shows that we have trust; so, pray. Choosing to trust will restore your perspective.
  • In the face of terror your litany of fears should give way to faith and prayer.
  • Finally, the power of the Almighty will hide you in the shelter of safety from those who conspire against you.

Always keep faith in order to find peace in times of terror. Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

By Chaplain Ghosten