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As many of you know, yesterday a fire occurred at Stonewall II in Knoxville. We are deeply grateful to the fast response of people on the scene and the City of Knoxville Fire Department for their quick response. We are thankful that no one was injured in the fire but very sad that at least one pet that we know of did not survive.

The 14 families affected by the fire lost everything and we at LHP are doing all that we can to help. I am very happy to tell you that LHP is going to be able to relocate the families to other properties where we have vacancies. Stonewall I and II have enough vacant units to permanently house eight of the 14 families displaced by the fire. We believe LHP will be able to find homes for the remaining six families at The 1100 Studios Apartment located in downtown Knoxville. The families may start moving into the apartments as early as next week.

LHP employees are especially aware of the hardships many of our residents face. Many have no means to replace their destroyed belongings. As a company, LHP employees are coming together to raise funds to support the residents as they attempt to rebuild their households from the bottom up.

Employees who wish to donate to the effort can send check or money order written to LHP Capital to Carey Parker, LHP Capital, 900 South Gay Street, Suite 2000, Knoxville, TN 37902. Donations will be accepted now through Dec. 2.

Monies collected will be used to purchase brand new houseware that each family will need to begin the difficult process of re‐establishing a normal life. Our goal is to provide each of the 14 households with a new set of pots and pans; dishes, silverware and glasses; kitchen linens and utensils; bath towels and shower curtain. All funds raised by our campaign will go to support the residents.

Several community agencies stepped in to provide clean clothing and personal hygiene items to meet the immediate needs of the residents and other efforts are being coordinated to help provide beds, furniture and long‐term needs. We will keep you posted of other ways to help.

Please see this page if you would like to provide a physical donation.

We appreciate the caring spirit of our employees especially now as we head into the holiday season.

The LHP Executive Management Team