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Congratulations to Thomas McDermott, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Strategy, who has been named an LHP Positive Resident Experience (PRE) Leader. Thomas plays a vital role in LHP’s success and its ability to provide a positive experience for every resident.

Thomas is responsible for evaluating and ensuring the financial well-being of the company’s portfolio. In this role he identifies buying and selling opportunities. His customers are the owners of LHP’s properties, which include internal and external investors, and they know they can count on Thomas to get the job done.

“Thomas is always committed to making a deal successful for LHP’s investors,” says Cristy Lockwood, Chief Operating Officer and President. “He provides great customer service by being knowledgeable, responsive, honest and trustworthy. Thomas is an all-star.”

What is his go-to customer service skill? Listening. Thomas grew up in a big family, and he learned early on how important listening is when dealing with people and solving problems.

“I spend a lot more time listening than I do talking,” Thomas says. “If you can really listen to a customer and understand their problem, you’re well on your way to solving it.”

By working to ensure that LHP is making smart financial decisions, Thomas is helping create a company that is well-positioned to meet the needs of its customers. Thomas’s story is a reminder that everyone in the organization plays a part in making sure our residents have a great experience.

Providing a positive experience for every resident is our top priority! PRE Leaders receive a $100 gift card and our thanks for being stewards of our company’s excellent customer service.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as a PRE Leader? All employees are eligible for the PRE Leader award, and all are welcome to nominate another employee for the award. To nominate someone for the award, complete and submit the form which is located here on Paylocity.