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The biblical book Ecclesiastes speaks in context of a “time to every purpose under the heaven” and presents us with some thoughts about a time of love …and a time of peace. Now is the time of year when we send cards with similar thoughts and heartfelt expressions of “love for one another” and “peace on earth.” It is highly unlikely that we will ever experience peace on earth without the expression of love for one another. In fact, love can be framed as the hallmark of good will toward all humanity.

The Christmas holiday is a special time for me. All the pageantry and excitement can be seen and enjoyed along with the many loving and kind acts of the season. Love and care go hand in hand. When you have both love and care, you can fight off hatred, malice, loathing, dislike, abhorrence and acts of unkindness. To love is to care and to care is to love.  Without them, you may judge people on superficial differences. Author and motivational speaker Thelma Wells said, “it’s easy to do when someone doesn’t look, sound, shake hands or think like you.”

The bible teaches that “you cannot love God if you harbor bad feeling towards others.”  We are spiritual beings, and our God-given gifts, character, values, intellect, and passions are the foundation and driver of who we are, not our height, weight, mannerism, hair color, age, and other features.

When we realize God loves us even though he does not like some of our attitudes and actions, it becomes easier to love others. However, when we realize our negative feelings towards others get in the way of our love for God, it becomes easier to express our love toward each other no matter what our background.  So, I adore this time of the year because it is a time when we truly express our feelings of love and care. Our wishes will come in all forms: from gifts and Christmas cards to acts of kindness.

It may never be easy to love certain people, but when you make the tough choice to love them anyway, the rewards are great. The bible teaches that “love never fails,” and when you refuse to love, you miss out on the best that God has for you. So, “Tis The Season” to release love in every moment into every situation, every prayer, and every thought or idea because it will strengthen you. So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten