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Men and women have been praying from the beginning of time. Throughout history, you can find records of prayers being spoken. They prayed to the sun, the stars and the moon as well as other objects in the heavens. Some prayed to their own creative objects, such as images of kings or prophets. Others prayed to a Heavenly Father. So, the need to pray is as old as humanity.

One such prayer that has been around seemingly forever is this one: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” This simple but profound prayer has been taught to children all over the world in different languages. My siblings and I were taught to recite it prior to going to bed. We really didn’t comprehend the spiritual meaning of the prayer nor did we know the need for reciting it each and every night. We just followed our parents’ instructions without question.

Studies have shown that practicing a learned behavior, such as praying, can be the process leading to potential or permanent behavioral change. In other words, as we learn, we alter the way we perceive our environment, the way we interpret and react to a specific event and therefore the way we interact or behave with others. Reciting a prayer is easy but having faith that our prayers will be answered for the good of someone takes patience and belief that the request will be answered.

As a pastor first and now as LHP’s chaplain, praying is essential in my life profession. The more we pray the more motivating reasons we find to pray. Here are six reasons for prayer whether you are happy, sad, discouraged or troubled: .

  1. Praying is an avenue for building a love relationship and is necessary for keeping a love relationship on track.
  2. Praying is an important tool to help you resist the desire to do evil deeds.
  3. Praying helps to put you in the frame of mind to be compassionate and caring toward others.
  4. Praying is an important instrument in overcoming temptation of doing what is unnatural.
  5. Praying will help restrain your mind from thinking evil thoughts about others especially those who are different from you.
  6. Praying is an avenue that helps us to determine the will of the Lord. It is also essential for guidance about life choices.

While there is much beauty and love in the world, it is often bent and twisted by faulty ideology, myths, and symbols that destroy its beauty. Praying can be your weapon for spiritual warfare. It has been expressed that life is not a playground but rather, it’s a battlefield.

Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten